wtorek, 17 listopada 2015

Two sides

                    In two years I will stop being a teenager. That's creeping me out. For years I could do stupid things, being careless and don't even think about cleaning up a mess that I did. If I had troubles I was going straight to my mom asking for help. I was lost, goofy, childish, bungler, my life used to be as messy as my hair, I had no idea who I am, who I want to be. And I still am this girl. That seems to be odd for you. After all I am a model, or something like that. It's funny how people label others by what they do in life. I like it and I hate it at the same time. I like being totally different girl on contracts, in the other side of the world I'm being a second, better version of myself. I'm the smartest, the nicest, everyone knows my name, they want to hang out with me, they like all of my ideas, I'm not being judged by them and I have to say that I love it. Creating the better version of yourself, letting them to know you only from the bright side the cute, smart, nice and friendly one with lots of ideas and with who you will have a lot of fun. I'm being visible as hell. They are not talking with me only because I'm a model. Come on people, who cares about what I'm doing in life? I'm not that tall to actually do something in this proffesion, that's an amazing way to travel, meet new people, be someone for the sociatety for just a 90 days or less. And after all this, you have to leave. Come back from your new home from home, abandon new "family", people with who you have a lot of good memories, get back to being "this girl who is a model" in school. Who in a second in your eyes seems to be taller, more skinny, more stupid and who will never look at you because as a guy you are not tall enough for her. My dears all of that is the biggest bullshit I have ever heared and I've ever experienced.

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