wtorek, 15 sierpnia 2017

Someone help - how to deal with a writer's block

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania writers block
There are some days when you look at a blank page of paper and you have no idea what to write. Your head is empty and your insides scream for help, but awfully quiet though, because there's noone who can hear their cry for help so you gotta deal with that on your own hun. Trust me, been there, done that. And almost ended with a depression because of starring at the laptop screen for way too long time. Everythiing would be way better if that didn't happen right before my deadline... Sometimes it strucks you when you have no other choice but write, in my case I just take an hour break when my head is spinning and letters just don't want to form any well structured sentence. What do I do with myself when I should write but I can't seem to find any inspiration to finish even writing an instruction?

1. Go for a walk
Walk it off hun, just walk it off. Put your headphones on, turn off from the world and just observe it as if it was a movie, go to a park, forest, coffee shop. Take an hour to look at others, you may take your notebook/sketchbook with you so that if something comes up to your mind you can write it down. Look at others and describe them, think about what they might do for a living, what's their relationship status, maybe they are seriously ill or there's something great ahead?

2. Read something
There's no better cure for a writer's block than reading something written by others. Think about their style, usage of vocabulary, analize thhe plot, character developement and you'll get inspired in no time!

3. Watch a movie
Again - analize the plot, think about character developement, take a not of what works and what doesn't in the movie. What you would o differently if you were the screenwriter. Or just turn yourself off, let yourself just watch it and 1not think abouut anything else.

4. Draw
It doesn't even matter if you can or cannot draw. Just sit down, take your pencils and draw what's going on in your head. Not ony it's a purifying experience, but also your own art may inspire your writing. Art is born from art so what are you waiting for? Sketch something!

5. Take a power-nap
Sleep is the right cure for everything, isn't it? If I'm wrong then my entire life is a lie.

6. Eat something
Not just anything but something that you really crave. Your happy neutrons will go crazy and maybe that will be the beggining of creating something extraordinary?

But the most important tip is - don't give up. There are ups and downs but if you keep on writing, keep on going you'll get there. Sometimes it takes a bit longer, but it's not about time (if you're not facing a scary deadline looming in front oof your eyes, which obviously doesn't help at all) it's about quality of the work. Writing is a form of art therefore it takes time to create stuff. No great thing was made in the span of a few minutes.

poniedziałek, 14 sierpnia 2017

Music favourites - holiday edition

I can't imagine how my evening walk to work would look like without headphones on with some of my favourites keeping me company for the 15 minutes of slowly going to work each and every day (without Mondays because day offffffinally, don't get me wrong I love my job). And as for a music freak I slowly evolved to during past few years I've started digging and looking for more bands and tunes I'd like to have in my walking routines. Here are some of them, which are worth checking out!

Billie Elish
This young American singer is my go to when it comes to pop tunes, she's a young artist (born in 2001) but her voice is like a mature instrument with which she's ready to take the world of music by storm.  Recently I fell in love with a few of her singles - "Ocean eyes", "Bellyache", "sHE'S brOKen". I've stumbled upon her songs by chance, but many of you may know them from the "13 reasons why" original Netflix series.

The Neighbourhood
This is one of my all time favourites, but as with bands you can explore more and more. One of my favourite songs by this America n rock band is  "wires" - usually listened by me on repeat while doing my makeup in the morning. Neverthless the band is worth checking out.

Melanie Martinez
This American singer and songwriter is known well from the music show "The voice" where, I believe, she performmed "Toxic", I'm sorry if it wasn't that song, but I'm not up to date with TV shows...ooops. She has a noticable style when it comes to both the fashion sense and the songs. The first single by her I've listened to is "Dead to me", which made a repeat listener to this vocalist, maybe because especially with this song you can connect on a deeply personal level. She sings about things we think about but noone of us say out loud.

Again, this band is from America, it's a pop/rock/indie type of thing. I've never had more energy doing my makeup or running errands wthan I do when listening to one of their songs "All over". This one has a lot of power!! Plus the animation  is the bomb.

HONNE & Izzy Bizu
Izzy is a London based artist and her duet with HONNE the Brithiis electronic duo is amazing! In addition the music video is also great as it was filmed in Tokyo. Talking about HONNE - the band is worth checking out, there is something about their singles which makes you want to listen them over and over again. The thing that I especially like about them is that most of their songs tell a story, that's not only a song but a tale with a music background.

czwartek, 10 sierpnia 2017

Mornings with mood swings

Everything is pissing me off. Literally everything. The cup that I left on my desk the other day is weirdly annoying and the ceiling isn't as white as it should be. There's nothing wrong but at the same time everything is just not right. I don't know what is going on with my head but some morings are just tough. One day you wake up feeling just fine when the next day although nothing especially worrying happened you don't want to look at anyone, talk to anyone or sit in the same room with anyone but you also hate the thought of being left on your own. You don't eat because making food requires effort and you can't be bothered, making yourself a cup of coffee is the peak of the fucks you can give that day. Everything is wrong being so perfectly fine and normal. Those are just mood swings screaming to your ear that your room is messy, coffee went cold too quickly and everyone around you is just annyoing. But there's nothing wrong with you. That's just a bad day and soo it will be all over, but it will also come back soon.

And that's a preview of anoother series I want to include in my blog apart from poetry posts. Mornings with mood swings are not as deeply personal as they may seem but mostly that will be a short narrative about how you feel when you wake up annoyed for no reason. Hopefully you'll enjoy my little rants from now and then.

wtorek, 8 sierpnia 2017

Another poetry post

I've got so many poems left to lay on my desk that once again I decided to publish some of them and maybe I'll make a series out of that since I've got so many short stories and articles on this blog poetry may as well become a part of the blog. It's already a huge part of my life but most of them are deeply personal that's why I haven't decided to post much of my poems. Obviously, I'll leave the personal ones for myself but the Word-Series will include mostly poems which mean quite a bit to me soooo enjoy!

Like an ice-cube
melting when exposed to a sunshine
slowly changing shape
turning into water.
That’s how kissing you feels like.
It’s like
taking a first deep breath
after almost drowning,
counting stars
during a clear, dark night,
or seeing a rainbow
after days of a heavy storm.
And touching you
feels like drinking wine
new kind, every day,
getting to know what you like
because you’ve tried so many types
but some things are still unfamiliar to you.
Seeing you is like
watching a butterfly sit on a flower
looking at its’ colourful wings.
Talking with you is just like
listening to my favourite song
on repeat
because I adore the melody
because I’m in love with your voice.
But being with you
is like volunteering to go to a war,
being torn apart
left in pieces with no help by your side.
It feels like being burnt alive,
run over and shot
all at the same time.
despite all of that
I keep coming back
because I feel good
when I burn
because I feel something
when I drown
because you are the one
to shoot me
although it’s painful
you make me feel something again.
So I keep coming back

to you.

Final destination
Suddenly sitting on this white, fluffy kinda pillow
I’ve realised that I don’t want to reach
My final destination, because it’s not home.
Don’t get me wrong.
I love coming back to this green land of
thank you and pardon, but
every time when I think of my final destination
I just can’t find this place in any part of my heart.
Every time I just can’t say that I’m coming back
if I arrive there, because
coming back to me is when
I arrive at a place where you are right next to me.
So far the only thing I’ve been doing
for the past few years
is just flying away
when in fact I’m so tired
of flying
and I don’t even like planes.