czwartek, 10 sierpnia 2017

Mornings with mood swings

Everything is pissing me off. Literally everything. The cup that I left on my desk the other day is weirdly annoying and the ceiling isn't as white as it should be. There's nothing wrong but at the same time everything is just not right. I don't know what is going on with my head but some morings are just tough. One day you wake up feeling just fine when the next day although nothing especially worrying happened you don't want to look at anyone, talk to anyone or sit in the same room with anyone but you also hate the thought of being left on your own. You don't eat because making food requires effort and you can't be bothered, making yourself a cup of coffee is the peak of the fucks you can give that day. Everything is wrong being so perfectly fine and normal. Those are just mood swings screaming to your ear that your room is messy, coffee went cold too quickly and everyone around you is just annyoing. But there's nothing wrong with you. That's just a bad day and soo it will be all over, but it will also come back soon.

And that's a preview of anoother series I want to include in my blog apart from poetry posts. Mornings with mood swings are not as deeply personal as they may seem but mostly that will be a short narrative about how you feel when you wake up annoyed for no reason. Hopefully you'll enjoy my little rants from now and then.

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