poniedziałek, 18 lipca 2016

Dear readers...

            I haven't written anything for such a long time that I'm worried that I can't do it anymore. At least not as good as I used to (that self confidence!). But I'm back. Wiser, stronger and with less amount of free time than before - I thought that it won't ever be possible and now, here I am. Complaining about how many things I have to do in such small period of time. Mabye not even about the things that have to be done but about the things that I know that I can't do because of the lack of time.
           In the meantime (a lot of times in this post) between sitting and writing God knows what and the previous text called "Understatements" I got myself into the most unfair workplace on the whole basketball so called planet earth. Don't worry mates - about this one I will write next - it will take me more that over 400 words to describe how happy I am being fired. No - that was me who left  this amazing job but having said that they kicked me out made it more dramatic. I've been also working on my portfolio and as a photographer which I purely love! However I don't have that much time to enjoy taking pictures to the fullest and I'm also lacking the memory in my phone so taking selfies is not easy also. But apart from being driven mad by the first job and falling more and more in love with the second and third one I was going crazy about my future studies. You know all the Brexit matter made me cry for few nights and then... I did my research and I kept calm. It is quite obvious that things may change for future students from the EU but I know that I can handle it. I did my best in Asia, so I won't succeed in UK? No way. (Mom please stop calling me for thetea I heard you at first try, I love you but I'm writing, just give me five minutes.) So I've been stressing my ass out, loosing weight, gaining weight, quitted my amazing job, found new one.
                 A lot things happened in such short amount of time but although I've spent so many hours doing things I didn't do anything that I've previously planned. Books are still not finnished (either not written or not read), my gym ticket still hasn't been used even once and from all the movies I wanted to watch I managed to see only one. But now I promise that I'm going to manage to do everything as I planned. Starting from now on, but first let me take a nap...

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