niedziela, 29 maja 2016


           Sometimes I got this weird feeling that I got lost somewhere while browsing the internet. It happens a lot lately since I have a little bit more free time than I used to as I finished my last year of high school. However, after few minutes spent on Facebook suddenly my eye got caught by a page of my acquaintance  - a  girl that recently has taken up modeling in the same agency that I work for as a model, photographer and a scout. I met her few times before - she is a little bit too tall (although she is sure that sshe is not taller than 182cm, but in fact she is around 185cm tall), way too fat - as an ordinary girl her measurements are totally fine, mabye even great, but, ekhm, hello - she wants to be a real model so 65cm in her waist is just screaming "please stop eating sweets". Not even saying anything about 95cm in her hips... Modeling industry just cannot accept that - and if you can't loose weight - just stop trying because it means that you are just not made to be a model. Her hair also was in a really bad condition - no girls ombre is not yay, it is totally nay when it comes to modeling (and to day to day life, you don't look cool but stupid as if you forgot to color your hair for months!). So summing everything up she is a total new face who doesn't even know a smallest bit of the real modeling industry. And you know what? That's totally fine! This is what agencies are for! To teach you everything, tell you what you should do to improve your career. Everything would be fine if she didn't feel as a top model.
         Getting back to the topic of her fanpage - she has already let everyone know that she is a very good, professional model. When it comes to me - it is okay, I don't care, moreover I don't even give a single shit about it. Through five years of working as a model I have never ever bosted so hard about my job. Being serious I have never met anoyone who said that it is the best job in the whole world. Just being serious - it is hard, exhausting, but addicitive just like a drug. When you start modeling and get to know the industry from the inside although mabye you don't even like it you won't be able to get out of it just because you will never want to. Noone quits modeling because he or she wants to, but most of the professional models don't say that they love their job and everything about it is perfect, because it is not. So the girl apart from boasting around, which is annoying, also doesn't listen to what the photographer says. She thinks that the person making pictures is there for her and not that she should do what the photographer asks for. Okay her legs covered in fake tan also don't want to listen to anoyone, although everyone asks her why her legs are so orange. Nevermind.
           Surffing through her profile I got on a page where random people can ask her questions. Apart from finding out that she is even dumber than I thought (I'm sorry but not knowing some of the most famous poets or writers is just a crime for me and using way too much of acronimes makses everything sound even worse) she also is "preparing for Europe, because Asia is way worse than a real modeling job" - said the girl that has never been in Asia and has no real experience. I have nothing else to say apart from that I'm really sorry for her. When she finally get a contract behaving like that all I can do is wish her luck, because if she would be my roommate after first sentence like that I wouldn't want to talk with the new face top star best model ever anymore. I like new faces because they are fres, not damaged in any way by years of modeling, but if a new face behaves like a douchebag... Just don't come near me - I'm pretty sure that I'm allergic to those kind of people.

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