środa, 13 stycznia 2016

„The changing family”

            Families have changed over the past few years. However one thing will never change – family is a primary relationship – biological, emotional, social and they also carry on the tradition, culture, give the emotional support. Head of the family is the one to earn for a living, take care of everything and is the most important one. Kids are studying, mother is a typical housewife. It used to be like that but can we still call it the status quo? 

            Nuclear families are still around us, but nowadays it becomes more and more normal that Katy is a girlfriend of Anny and Ben is a boyfriend of John. But if they want to adopt kids it starts to be a problem in Poland. By law homosexual partners can not adopt children in Poland, but community makes progress in the fight for equal rights for them. 

            On the other hand we have a single parent families, most of which  have a female head of the household. That kind is being more acceptable in Poland than the previous one. Either you are a divorced woman or a widow – people think of you as a hero taking care of kids and working almost everyday.
            Similar to single parent families is an astronaut family where the members live in different countries. That shows that world is really becoming one huge village and fact where you were born can not influence your plans of living abroad. 

            Families are changing, but are they doing better? One of them are doing great, another not that good. But type of the family has nothing to do with the condition of relationships in it.

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