niedziela, 27 września 2015

XXI century is just being mean.

         Nowadays are many interesting problems. Starting with changing climate (some people think that Nostradamus and Inks wrote about it, but then they did not have so big knowledge about weather) ending with social problems like too much work, parents who do not have good contact with their children. But since few months I have been thinking about different kind of problem. I am a teenager and I noticed that almost no-one from my school have a real best friend. Everything is about MONEY. If you are not ready to spend millions on your new friend, you will not have one! "Let's go to the cinema!" "It would be great, but I do not have money, maybe you will pay for me?" What will you answer in this situation? I remember when I was one of them who say yes, and pay for everything that my new, lovely, awesome, best friend wants. But now it has changed, I had to be hurt so many times when I saw that I was used and that I meant nothing to person, who I thought, was my kindred spirit.
           Last year, summer holidays, my friend called me and she was talking about trip on which she was with our other friend (24 hours ago she hated him, she told me that she will never talk to him again). I was shocked when I heard what she said - " When I noticed that he is nice, I thought that I should use it! Guess what he bought me! He spent almost 100 zlotys only because I said that he is my new best friend, what a moron!" Even now when I am writing about it I can not be calm. How could she do that? After this incident I started to observe people behavior, and I was getting more and more surprised because of the fact that 3/4 of my class think how to use even class mate.
             Where is unselfishness? Where? Did it die with XX century? I do not really know, but maybe the problem is somewhere deeper… Maybe we should start look for reason of this kind of misbehavior where it all begins – adults, people who should be sample of behavior but they, our exemplar, they who we sometimes ask how to live? Are the main problem… Everyday in school we can see how teachers use each other, they say that it is only hierarchy… So if someone is older that me he can spurn me, he can use me to do those awful things that he do not want to do?
           I am very disappointed when I see our community, we do not care about each other, so how can we care about planet on which we live? It is a vicious circle from which I can not get out, but I hope, I know, that someday everything will change, people will be nice to each other again, me and everyone else will have a chance to find their kindred spirit.

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