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To ban zoos or not to ban zoos, that is the question.

Followe me on blogspot&google+   make-it-to-the-top.blogspot.com                   To ban zoos or not to ban zoos? This is one of the most controversial question nowadays. People like to go to a zoo and watch different kinds of animals, but after visiting a zoo some of us have sense of guilt. We start to think about small cages in which animals have to live and the seperation from their natural environment. We start to wonder if zoos are actually protecting endangered species from extinction, because how can something protect animals by keepeng them crammed up in tight places?
Followe me on blogspot&google+   make-it-to-the-top.blogspot.com
           I find it difficult to adjudge if zoos are entirely good or bad. Considering the medicial care which they are provided 24 hours 7 days per week, not having to struggle with rough weather and being safe from poachers who still hunt even for species that may extinct, we can say that zoos are good. On the other hand in the moment we enter the zoo we see people poking and proding the animals, throwing them sweets and other kinds of food which is a poison for animals and this is the bad aspect of keeping animals in zoos. But it's not fault of the institution, but of irresponsibilty and careness of humans.

           Zoos are made to increas awareness of endangered species and importance of conservation. Unfotunately many people think that going to the zoo is only a nice way to spend afternoon watching different kinds of animals. They don't see the educational background, throwing wrong kind of food to cages and watching animal eating it makes them smile. People scream, do flash photographies, which makes animals stresses, depressed and restless. Animals can obviously hide from intrusive people but it is obviously stressing situation for them.

           Zoos save animals from extinction, provides them good conditions of living and medical care. It doesn't sound like bad kind of institution, does it? It's the people who make it sometimes even unstandable for animals living there. Throwing things into their cages, screaming, knocking and poking animals isn't appropriate way of conduct in zoo. I think that zoos shouldn't be banned, the misbehaviour of humans should be banned and fined. Mabye after paying huge forfeit for throwing monkey an old banana we will start to appreciate the educational role of zoos and stop thinking about them as a fun place of watching animals doing side-splitting things.

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