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10 things you should know before becoming a model.

My family thinks that modeling isn't a real job. My friends think that one day I'll be super rich and famous because of being a model. My agent thinks that I could lose extra kilograms and I think that soon I will be too old to be even a part-time model. Working in the fashion industry is a life goal for some people. All they see are pretty faces on front covers of magazines and glamorous campaigns. Modeling is fun - trust me, but it's also a hard, full-time job which sometimes just wears you off. It's a love-hate relationship, check out this site to see that we really all want to quit, but at the same time no other job can give us what modeling can.  Here are 10 things you should know before you get yourself into modeling!

1. Models don't earn as much as you think.
Paychecks look great, but you have to remember that 20% of your salary is for your mother agency and 50% is for the agency that represents you in the specific country. In the end, you also have extra expenses so there is a chance that you'll get maximum 15% of what you actually earned. Also - most of us work in Asia which, moneywise, isn't a dream destination, but neither is Europe.

2. Working hours are super-flexible.
Sometimes you get your dream job and you work only 4 hours and the next day you stay awake from 5 am till 3 am next day. There are no rules when it comes to working hours.

3. Glamorous is the last word which I would use to describe it. 
Changing in a back of a van or laying in the mud is not a definition of glamorous. And that's what we do sometimes. Standing on the edge of the swimming pool and hoping you won't fall down the hill behind it? Now even that doesn't sound extreme to me.

4. After a few years, you'll know how to survive everywhere.
China, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, Spain, Kuala Lumpur, Korea? Thanks to modeling all of those countries and even more will become a home from home for you.

5. Most of us are healthy.
Not all of models snort cocaine and smoke crack. We like to party, but if one survived more than two years in this then it's a sign that this person is a responsible human being. There are a lot of temptations in modeling world but it's enough to know how to say "no" to some things. People who achieved something in modeling are healthy, they exercise and take care of their body.

6. Fashion weeks are sometimes our worst nightmares.
Too small shoes, uncomfortable dresses which are too long to walk in, short breaks, early call times and late shows. All of that to get your dream job for a top designer.

7. Relationships are hard. 
Being a model taught me that being in a relationship is sometimes impossible because you are on the move all the time. Also - during your first contracts you'll miss your family a lot.

8. Reputation is very important. 
Not only more people will want to work with you but you'll get paid better if your reputation is good. Models who choose to party before shootings, fashion shows or even castings don't get much out of it. Just treat people (and your body) with respect.

9. Makeup and high heels after work are your enemies, not friends. 
You don't want to have anything on your face after getting rid of 100 layers of makeup and surely your feet don't want to walk in high heels after those 10 hours you've spent jumping in too small shoes higher than your paycheck.

10. Quitting modeling will be the hardest thing you'll ever do. 
Your time to shine may be over when you'll be 25, 30 but it can come when you are 17 as well. Taking a year off was incredibly hard for me and it still is, but sometimes it's better for you to take a break or quit. It's not a thing you can do forever and although it's great and teaches you a lot about other cultures and you get to see amazing places and meet great people - there's the time when you should grow up and settle down.

Some useful sites for (not only) new faces:
- Models Agents Managers Association 
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- ModelManagement

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